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FEBRUARY 12, 2018


Looking for the perfect home in West Michigan? If you’re not familiar with the entire home-buying process, here’s a handy guide that we hope will help get you to the doorstep of your new home in no time.
1. Analyze your finances Ask yourself questions such as, “Can I afford to buy a home on my own?” “How big of a loan will I need to take out?” It is also helpful to check your credit score, add up monthly expenses, and assess income to figure out the home that fits your budget.

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2. Reach out to Steven VanderWerp Real Estate Local real estate agents help the home buying process go smooth.  Having lived in West Michigan his entire life, Steven brings experience, expertise and extensive area knowledge that significantly increase your chances of finding the home that best suits you.

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3. Start Searching As you look for a home, create a two column checklist: one for MUST- HAVES and the other for RED FLAGS.  This will help you narrow down potential properties to a more manageable amount.  You can also create a list of your long-term needs and goals if you are not looking for a specific feature. START YOUR SEARCH TODAY!

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4. Negotiate Once you’ve zeroed in on a property you want to call home, we will make an offer and back this up with an earnest money deposit to underline the seriousness of your intention. There are times when the seller will accept your offer right away, but negotiating is the norm. Here’s where Steven VanderWerp Real Estate steps in: we will represent your best interests during negotiation.

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5. Home Inspection This is one of the most important steps in the home-buying process: putting the property’s integrity to the test. Are there potential defects that may require repair? If so, can this fact be used as a bargaining chip during negotiations? It’s also a good idea to hire specialists such as geotechnical engineers, pest inspectors, or environmental contractors because the property’s more serious issues might not surface during a standard home inspection. Click here to learn more about ABI Inspections! 

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6. Seal the deal Before you close the deal, make sure you perform a final walkthrough of the property, just to make sure you didn’t miss anything. Important documents will be signed and processed, and payments will be settled once you and the seller agree that all is in order. Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a West Michigan home!

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